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Original Music: VapaRyse - Sands of Daymar

Ahead of the big race on Saturday, Rhetor based EDM artist VapaRyze has released "Sands of Daymar" a driving Drum & Bass track with retro vibes:

In rotation on TPR and available on Mobify. Also note, the artists may be performing live at tonight’s Daymar Rally pre-party/Red Festival at Levski. Stay tuned to TPR tonight for details:

For more information on the Daymar Rally visit:
To watch the 2950 Daymar Rally this Saturday at 18:30 UTC follow
Daymar Rally Flyer:

(Roleplay mode off:) This will be the first of several original songs by in-verse EDM, Electronic Rock, Space Bass, S-Pop & Planet Hop artists we will be showcasing including MC Quantum & Skye long awaited underground hit "Is Jumptown Safe". If you want your original music set in the Star Citizen universe featured on TPR get in touch with us on Discord at:



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