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Slice of life Star Citizen.

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Went down to Teach's and bought a well used and well kept Cutlass Red, 5 years working on a responder crew and now its time to run my own.

Chilled out while they cleaned the glass and filled it with gas.

Got her just above the gravity field and took a quick tour, made sure all the seals were good and tested out the beds. Not one single issue. I got a pretty good deal. I can see everything has been used, but the last crew took good care of this ship.

Took her out for a quick stop checkup and to meet up with one of my friends, need to pick up a couple mods for my new P8-SR. He has the hots for the clerk here, lol no chance in hell though, pretty sure she is taken. Damn I am fricking hungry now, uggg should have grabbed a bite before I left. Never ate here before, really hope they got something I will like.

O. M. G. Have you ever just walked up to a place and been..... yeah I want this! Man... this place is me!

So I meet up with my friend Brad, he has been annoying the hell out of this poor girl for the better part of an hour (was a little late from having the best lunch ever) I can just see it on their faces, she looked like a pent up volcano and he just looked confused... I just couldn't help myself. I dared him to give her a "Dirty Morton". Brad gave me that look like...... "Oh Hell Yea!"

For those not familiar... there is this show, and the main guy, Morton, is a complete goofball. He does this thing where he runs up to hot girls, slaps their ass and bites their ear. They call it the "Dirty Morton", stupid show, I am not at all a fan, but it has a cult following... and Brad is one of them..... and he just did it.

Well damn, if that just isn't just the last thing I remember before waking up here. LOL

That escalated quickly I guess 'eh? Pretty sure she is not a Morton fan either.

Well I guess the beds work, that's a win. Better go check on Brad.



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