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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 years ago
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RSI Companion

Hi citizens,

I’d like to show you a new project I have been working for the past weeks.

RSI Companion is a powerful but simple browser extension with a clear goal: Display and format data from

It can be set up on:
- Chrome:
- Firefox:

This tool allows you to:
- Comm-Link: Get latest News from RSI website
- Spectrum: Get latest CIG threads and notification (on threads replies but also new chat message or friend invite).
- Ships: Easily view and search thru ship list. Also, you may have an overview of your hanger and your In-Game ships (including loaners)
- Buy Back: View and Search all your buy back pledges in one place.
- Contacts: Manage your contacts and Copy them into PTU
- Organizations: View and Follow Organization members
- Roadmap: View latest roadmaps for SC & SQ42 (including difference from previous week)

In order to use the application, you need to have an RSI account and be connected on RSI website. That’s it!

Disclaimer : Your RSI data are accessed only locally and are not sent to any third party application.
And, to be clear: you don’t have to login in the application with your RSI credentials. You simply need to be authentified in the RSI website with the same browser.

I think the best way for me to gain your trust is to share 100% of the source code on GitHub:
By the way, if you feel that you can contribute (for bug reports or helping me out developing new features), great! Just read the dedicated area on GitHub first:

I have a lot of ideas already to make this tool better and better but I think it’s a decent start.

I really put my heart coding this for me, my friends, my corporations and the community. I truly hope you’ll like it!
If you do, please upvote my post and feel free to comment anytime :-)

See you in the verse!



Spectrum important threads and notifications

Ships list, including your ship list and the loaners

Manage your contact list

View your organization members and follow them

Compare latest roadmap with the previous week for each SC & SQ42



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