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Submitted 2015-10-16 18:28:35
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Realistic SC Paper Maps for Captains/Pilots

I received MVP for this post, thanks everybody for loving what I’m working on!

This is a "functional" map that I created of the Odin Solar System, I tried to add all of the pertinent information that a Captain would need should his computers navigation go offline. This is what I imagine he would be digging out of the dusty closet and laying out on the nav table. I am working on more in the Nyx area and just wanted to share what I was doing and would like feedback from the community and CIG :)

I make these to size and they will be in scale when they are printed on a large format printer :) I also originally made these in PDF form and had to convert them to JPG for this post, if they don’t work correctly please let me know!

EDIT: I am posting a link to my IMGUR account that was just created for the maps. I have made more than one and can’t upload new images to this post. What I plan to do is collect them into the IMGUR album until I have 4 or 5, then I’ll make a new post here which includes them all. This is my second post, I’ll keep making new posts until I have a complete collection up :) So if you want to see the NYX Map then check it out here

And thanks for being awesome!

Current Maps Available:

Donations totally accepted but most definitely not required, my Patreon is at the bottom and being worked on :) UEC and ships are awesome ;) PM me for a requested system and I’ll try to push it to the front of the line.

Handle: KingNerd Email: Patreon:


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