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Submitted 3 years ago
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Seven Times I saw Carrack from a different angle

I am sure that by now everybody has published at least one screenshot with Carrack.
I was waiting to do so as well for a very long time but then, when I have finally made my first screenshot – I just deleted it. Mainly because it was just another Carrack screenshot.

What I love in Star Citizen is the play of light and shadows, purity of shapes and vast space asking to be explored.
So I did my screenshots again. And then I have used all the skills I hope I have, to make those screenshots packed even more with my personal perception.

I have created my views on Carrack using the same approach as I would use to normal photography. I have used tools I am using daily to make photography alive and telling the story.

This is how I have created seven different angles of my personal view on Carrack – the ship, the legend and the story to tell.

I hope you will enjoy it.

You will find full 4K versions here:


Flying Over - the symmetrical symphony of the perfect space ship interacting with the human-made space structure. This is how coming home feels - a full harmony and peace.

Landing Zone - Carack in her natural role: safe space to live and explore. The simplicity of the form and dynamics of action. Where to go next? What to discover?

Event Horizon of Carrack - lone exploration on board of the biggest exploration ship. Dark corridors and silence.

Gunners Nest - an eye ob the beast. Lookout for the protectors of the crew . I love this element of Carrack. The lines, the light and the reflection.

Magda Cloud 9 - in the future this is how atmosphere landings could look. Once again, I could not stop looking on the lines which created Carrack the ship she is. Powerful and delicate at the same time.

Sailing over Desert - this is how vast and huge space is. But also show the tranquillity and peace of human exploration. Carrack is the tool. Carrack is home. Hanging over all those places we are still going to see.

Planet in the Mirror - the view mirroring in the camera lens or the human eye. Balance of shape and light. Purpose and practicality packed with beauty.



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