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Submitted 3 years ago
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Mining Yield Calculator

The Mining Yield Calculator can help you calculate the worth of a rock or a shard. It is especially useful if you just started to mine or if you just broke a rock and aren’t sure that that 14.93 % Laranite rock is worth picking up or not. It also helps you learn which rocks are interesting and which are not.

It should give you a fairly accurate guesstimate of the worth of the rock.

You start by going to the Google Sheet below, you then go to "Files -> Make a copy" and copy it to your own Google Sheets.

There are 3 tabs in the bottom of the screen: The "Guide" that tells you how to use the Calculator, "Rock Data Input" where you input mass and ore percentage and "Mining Dashboard" that gives you and overview of your current haul.

The "Rock Data Input" tab is where you input your mass and ore percentage data. You can either do this for the whole rock to see its worth, or the individual shards you extract to get an idea of your total haul. In most cases i use both, I check the rock to see how much it is worth and when i start mining I delete the data for the whole rock and input the individual shards instead. You can use it as precisely as you want just input the ca. numbers for mass and percentage or go all in with the 2 decimal ore percentages, it is up to you :-)!

The "Mining Dashboard" gives you the total hauls worth summarized. The values on this screen should be consistent with the values you get from the terminals.

Hope you like it


UPDATE: Find the 3.9.1 version here:


The Guide

The Rock Data Input tab where you input mass and ore percentage

The Mining Dashboard that summarizes your total haul



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