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Exploring Stanton System with Deep Space Crew

With the Carrack’s arrival, Deep Space Crew have been busy exploring new locations throughout the verse, conducting training operations and of course taking lots of photos along the way!


Carrack landed in beautiful meadow filled mountainous biome.

Carrack surveying Yela pole.

Carrack deploying assets for training operation at nearby bunker.

Vanguard overseeing operation at sunset on microTech.

Carrack observing epic sunset!

Carrack departing from city centre.

Monday meeting and podcast on board the HQ.

Carrack waiting for the storm to pass on microTech.

Ground team deploying from Carrack on Hurston for training operations.

HQ landed at another stunning location on microTech.

Carrack departing for orbit from HQ landing zone.

Extreme conditions during expedition into the freezing microTech biomes.

Pisces scoping out potential landing sites with epic mountain range in the distance.

Security on board the Carrack on high alert after suspected breach.

Argo MOLE extracting resources from a deposit in Cellin with Crusader in the background.

Routine exterior checks on the Carrack.

Admiring the finish on one of Delta's Hornets.

ARGO Mole & Carrack weathering the storm prior to mining operations.

Ground expedition teams deploying in a Hurston Savannah biome.

Ground expedition teams deploying in on microTech into beautiful meadow fields.

The Anvil Carrack - Expedition Incarnate.

Expedition team forming up prior to prospecting operation on Hurston.

Routine armoury check and weapons servicing.

Mining team prospecting for riches with Delta providing cover.

Vanguard - Discussing today's operations.

Overland expedition unit covering ground on microTech.

Atmospheric arrival of mining team to Carrack HQ position on microTech.

The Anvil Carrack - Exploration ready with URSA's on board.

Delta fleet security on standby in the Aegis Eclipse.

Exoplanetary botanists searching for harvestable edibles.

Mining team in the crisp morning light cracking rocks and extracting ores.

Getting an oversight of the HQ's deployment from a nearby mountain ridge.

Ship weapons inspection on the new Neutron repeaters.



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