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Cherished Memories of 2950 so far

Simple but Strong.
A set of carefully chosen shots from around the Verse that carry this message!

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Carrack Holodeck

The darker sides of GrimHEX

Going Yellow on Yela

Neon Bar

Angel or Devil? Taken at the Christmas Tree of mT

Into the Storm This is from my first visit to mT, the first blizzard too

The greener side of mT

This happens to be my favorite Pistol in Game, the much deserved shot

The first visit to Hurston in my own Pisces

Looks very much like the Shuttles from Star Trek The very reason I got the Pisces

The Evil within

I snuck a gun inside PO, the lighting from the holodeck sure made things cooler

Banu Defender, from the PTU Testing. This shot looks like a crab trying to devour the sun.

The two shades of Arial

The Beast of Aegis

Taken at Magda, this is a typical uniform issue from the ADI, issued to me by my friend TheSpaceCoder

A sunrise at ArcCorp

890J around Pyro in the Arena Commander, The scale of this beauty!

Terrapin at Arial, the faint fade is from a geyser and fog

Satellite Crash at Hurston

Vanduul Blade over Cellin

Taken by the Size of the Bunker (In the pic - SpaceTomato) We did a group ops of clearing the Bunker and then explored around for the Better views

Carrack, Crusader and Cellin



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