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Star Citizen of South Korea's famous game streamer

I introduce the most famous Star Citizen video in S.Korea.

Woowakgood is S.Korea famous game streamer.
He played the game last January and he received the attention of many Koreans (More than 2K people watched his streaming).
Both he and they were surprised at the details of the planet and the spaceships and that no game loading.

In rapid succession, a wide variety of korean streamer are enjoying Star Citizen and the Korean community is getting bigger.
I’d like to bring more, but I’ll just post this only.

Take care, everyone.

MIni Korean class.

1. 오 => oh

2. 레게노 or legeno => Legend,
legeno (레게노) is streamer’s meme, His friend misread the legend and it was born.
In Korea, the meaning of "Legend" is sometimes used as a positive exclamation.

3. ㅋㅋㅋ => kkk

4. 버그 => bug



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