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James will enslave mankind......? and a day out in the city!

So I am guessing this James guy is either oblivious or fun as hell to work with. Just another day in Star Citizen. Stay safe, and see ya in the ‘Verse soon!


Is this James?

......for he shall enslave mankind!

Time to leave the hangar......

.... and pick up a mission.

Nice and early.

The city life.......

the ultimate urban jungle.

Ahhh the Gladiator. When all is said and done.... she has got teeth. Off to the mission site. Security runs are either milk runs or not worth the pay. Been doing this run for a while now, cleaned up the area last week but I still run into the occasional pirate.

Security run completed, no targets located. Checked in with the outpost and all was good.

Took one last look and headed out to see if I could pick up a quick freelance job before the next Sataball game.



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