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Submitted 2 years ago
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So I Think I Just had a Great Idea For Criminal Gameplay In 3.9!

Seeing how comm-arrays are going to be super important for criminals to be able to do missions and be sinister devils without detrimental effects I was thinking, what if instead of disabling 1 comm array to be able to grind a bunch of missions and hunt other players in a specific area, what if we took down all the comm arrays in a system and made the whole damn thing our domain.

It would mean we would be able to freely do our criminal ai missions in the system (like crusader which would be best since we can hack down our crime stats in SPK) that have been boosted by 50% so we can make bank without being charged any criminal violations so no criminal times (or little to none). We could also assume other players would be coming to re-take the comm arrays. Instead of stationing men around or inside them (which we could do if we really wanted), we could have people run patrols to see if any of the comm arrays have been tampered with. If anyone of the coom arrays get back capped it wouldn’t be a huge deal because we could simply retake it and we would still have several other comm arrays. The risk would be that the force going to retake it would be in a lawful zone so if they were to get killed or kill themselves they would get sent to jail (and oh yeah another thing, you can kill yourself in a lawless zone if you think you’re going to lose a battle against a bounty hunter and spawn safely wherever you set your spawn at assuming there are no ai security in close vicinity It finally gives the eject button utility and is not a bitch way to go about things since good guys can spawn as much as they want safely while criminals are at a much higher risk of getting jailed. The drawback would be that it would take the criminal a bit to get back to the fight which would give the good guys some time to re-take a comm array or whatever else).

This could also turn into a battle either between a somewhat large criminal group and the good guys in the server or a somewhat large-large group of good guys. It’d be a battle of attacking and defending comm arrays. The good guys would have the advantage because they can spawn more frequently at no risk and nearby (which in my opinion is kinda fair because criminals aren’t supposed to have it easy). As the good guys take over more comm arrays the criminals would have less area to safely fight and die within and they would have to consider attempting to retake comm arrays, but that would be a huge risk to their soldiers. It would end with the criminals being pushed back entirely to one comm array area or being jailed entirely. The criminals could also potentially retake all the comm arrays and push the good guys out of their system.

Instead of closing down Port Olisar/Grimhex/SPK we would be closing down an entire system and that sounds awesome to me

One last thing I realized: You only need 1 person to take down a comm array which is by default going to give you a 2 crime stat. There can be people defending them from a safe distance. They could hack away their crime stat right after the comm array as well. I mentioned before that you could eject or kill yourself before bing killed by ai or a player to avoid being jailed, but I was off. You won’t have a crime stat, to begin with, and wouldn’t get one from killing in a lawless zone so you’d never be jailed.

Quick Recap: Essentially all your doing is capturing all comm arrays in a system to make the system a lawless one. All crime in that system would go unpunished until a force of good guys decides to fight back against them. The criminals don’t have to worry about being sent to jail as long as they kill in areas covered by captured comm-arrays. The good guys can retake the system by taking all the comm arrays and/or sending all the criminals to jail.

Have FUN!


Just a nice screenshot i took a while ago. READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE!



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