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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2015-10-22 08:02:02
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Galaxy 'Tube' Map

As amazing as the ARK Starmap is, I was finding it difficult to see routes easily, so I made this at-a-glance transit map.

I was originally going to make it focused on the just large routes as a trade map and make them as straight as possible, but it quickly became more complex. I realized there weren’t many small-only jumps, so I ended up squeezing them in anyways. I really appreciate just how many systems there are now.

Edit: I’m working on an updated version of the map with corrections as well as a print-friendly version. To fix for next version:

  • Kilan -> Kilian
  • Vergil -> Virgil
  • Kins is a Banu System, not Xi’an
  • Medium route from Trise to Eealus
  • Medium route from Garron to Bacchus
  • Adjust colours of Small and Restricted routes
  • Higher resolution and minor graphical fixes.

I’ll post updates in this thread:


Galaxy Jump Point Transit Map



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