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Submitted 1 year ago
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Esperia Tevarin Fighter Concept - Ephalanx - WIP

After taking a long break from modeling (Things are kinda crappy rough out there today :(. I got a bug to start another concept – yes I know I have done many here since this began hehe. So considering the Prowler came out I thought I’d make a quick Tevarin fighter concept. I really like the bird like styling of the Tevarin so naturally I went for something bird-like.

The Grifter is a single seater fighter with the following dimensions.

Length: 13m
Beam: 19.6m wings in – 27.2m wings out
Height: 6m landed, 4.4m in flight

Armament and other specifics have yet to be determined. Animations are partially done for the wings. Landing pose and gear need to be worked out a bit more. The pilot seat is in the front area and the nose opens up to allow entry. More tech detail to come. FYI-no texturing has been done for this. Its all base colors with decaling . Hope you guys like it. Quick action shot.

You can follow the progress in the modding forums with turntable – please leave a like in the modding forums if you enjoy the concept.

Esperia Grifter -

Also I have several other WIP concepts from over the years in the modding forums. I need to buckle down and get some of them to a more complete stage. Priorities. lol. Check them all out if you like. All of them are under my handle.

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Action Shot

Wings back for dive mode.

Wings out but not flared.

Wings out and flared - provides additional starboard and port shielding and allows for better atmosphere maneuvering.

Trademarked Tevarin gravity emitters.



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