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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2 months ago
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Citizen Gear Episode 1 Pilot

Citizen Gear™ is an factual and fun entertainment show where we go around lots of locations reviewing all the gear you can buy in the ‘Verse. We do all this whilst filming from our base of operations, the 890 Jump. We are also planing a more static and physical location to film from soon too. So, don’t be disappointed as you can still catch us out and about on location filming at New Babbage and other locations throughout the known universe. We will be looking to attempt to have a rough filming schedule so if you want to visit us on location, you can. The format of the show should be familiar to some of you, and some segments of the show that won’t be.

The good news is that we have segments of Citizen Gear we would love you to take part in, those are…

The Race Segment
This is your chance to show how good you are by taking an unmodified Origin 85X around our Aspire Grand Circuit™. Pit your atmospheric flying skills to a real test and see how far to the top you can get on our leader board. Try to beat our times, your friends and rivals times.

Org vs Org
Are you a member of an Organisation, Corporation, Private Military Company (PMC), Faith, Syndicate or a Club and want a chance to put your group in the spotlight, then Org vs Org is for you.

You’ll first get to introduce yourself, as all our guests do, then we give you 30 secs to sell your org to the viewers and the live audience. Sounds easy?

Well… That’s a shame as that there will be a member of another rival org sat next to you for a little added pressure. After that’s done… Well you’ll have to apply to see.

How Do I Take Part?

Taking part is as easy as joining our Discord server using the invite code: YZANMxy and submit an application to either or both. Then we will get in contact with you.



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