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Stanton Today | Mira Ngo Interview

You are watching Stanton Today. A news report broadcast on Hurston Broadcast Network, produced by Zark Media.

Stanton Today reports on local Stanton stories as well as stories from around the United Earth Empire.

Real life credits

Reporter – Ariya Alette: Anonymous
Reporter – Mason Watts: Joel Hendershott
Spectrum: wnr Instagram: Reddit: - Anchor - Oliver Zark: Andreas Hofer Spectrum: OliverZ
Discord: Olzar#1840

See credits on screen (lower left corner of the crawler). Unless otherwise specified, footage is produced by Zark Media.

Footage from the Merlin report was produced by SNAKE.

MUSIC (Licensed via Epidemic Sound)
Sound bed/theme:
Bulletin World – Out to the World
Merlin report:
Formations – Van Sandano
ROC report:
Pale Blue – Frank Johnsson
All SFX by Epidemic Sound.

Editing and filming: Andreas Hofer

You can reach Zark Media on:
Discord: Olzar#1840

Feel free to donate your in game credits to @OliverZ to support the production.
Thank for watching!!!
Intro (0:00)
Merlin Pirates (0:42)
A Change of Careers? (01:38)
Mira Ngo Interview (02:50)



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