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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 9 months ago
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3.11 SpaceGamer's journey of colours and shapes

This is a series of virtual photos I have taken while playing Star Citizen in PU and PTU.
I am fascinated by the endless beauty of this game, detail and the story which is coming out from every moment I am spending on seeking the best angles and the best mixture of colours and shapes.
My eye seeks for the photo experience and Star Citizen has plenty.
I am not using ReShade. Not because I think it is wrong, but I prefer the traditional approach to post processing. I believe that this way I am able to appreciate the natural beauty of this game and give it a boost as I would do with any landscape shot taken with my trusty Canon.

I hope you will enjoy.

If you would like to see how my photos are made and processed, please visit me on my Twitch channel. I am taking photos while gaming but also I am post-processing them while viewers can see exactly what and how I am doing :)

I guess you will be able to see the magic ;)


B&W is sometimes more than the colour. Details are fascinating. Black on white gives them an opportunity to shine

Shapes and colours. The magic of the game.

Simplicity and clean air. Bird of prey awaits his victim.

There is nom one angle to show beauty. There is no shortage of colours as well.

Tranquillity. Peace. Ice.

Read and Blue. Perfect marriage.

I can see the Universe

Quantum Blue

Mercury and other planets

Sun and Dust

Go away


A perfect angle

Simple form

Go to sleep

The Race


These colours!

Classic start


Chinatown in colour

Time is passing

Permission to land

Permission to land 2



Mining 2

B&W I am tired of minimg



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