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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 weeks ago
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Star Citizen - Mining explained in 10 minutes

Mining in Star Citizen – explained in 10 minutes? Challenge accepted! ;)

Scanning, the mining process, mining heads, mining consumables and the new refinery decks, we’ll cover one loop from start to finish. From finding a rock to mine to selling refined commodities at a trading console. With these basics you’ll start your mining career without frustration.



Spawn probability of ores/raw materials:

SC Trade Tools (Chance for 100% sub-chunks):

3.12 refineries und specializations:

00:00 Intro
01:03 Scanning
01:57 Mining & Mining UI
03:13 Mining Heads
04:22 Mining Consumables
05:35 What to mine? Where to mine?
06:53 Refinery decks and work orders
08:34 Selling and final helpful hints
09:29 End

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