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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 weeks ago
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New Year Exploration With The Deep Space Crew!

The Deep Space Crew expeditions have continued through the holiday season and into the new year 2951!

We’re hyped for the new year and are enjoying the continued exploration of vastly improved celestial bodies, beautiful spacescapes, new toys and epic visuals of 3.12 – Check out my other hub posts for more screenshots of the Deep Space Crew’s journey.

Visit our syndicate the Deep Space Crew and join us on our next adventure!


Deep space resource prospecting in the new spacescapes.

Exploring microTech's new horizons.

Deep space crew exploring new spacescapes.

Lunar surface expedition unit deployment.

Post harvest midnight pickup.

Drop squadron landing.

Resource identified, harvest begins.

Secure drop squad unit.

Spacescape station deep scan.

Observing planetary alignment from an eye of the HF Momentum.

Warm welcome home aboard the HF Vector Equilibrium.

Heavy intercept.

Deep space crew penthouse meeting.

Flight arrival.

Surface resource analysis unit.

Cautious spacescape expedition.

Drop squadron deployed.

Making gold.

Deep space package delivery.

Homestead visit.

Hybrid identified, midnight harvest.

Drop squadron deployment.

Secure expedition convoy.

Grey ops payload delivery imminent.

Quick descent.

Secure landing zone.

Morning sunshine on a new microTech.

Tactical pass the parcel.

Deep space crew midnight harvest.

Shopping in the business district.

Safety net deployment.

Pickup at R&R.

Fast response strike force.



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