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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 years ago
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Star Citizen - Calliope Candora A Space Traveler Odyssey - Exploration Narrative Trailer 2021

This is a shot fan Star Citizen Trailer ive made showing what could be Star Citizen exploration gameplay feelings. With the help of a very talented Narrative actress who made the voice for the main character.

This is The journey Of Calliope Candora, a space traveler that is exploring the depth of the Universe, stars and constellation with her ships : Anvil Carrack one of the biggest ship, origin 85x and greycat buggy.

Special thanks to Aaliceh Who made the narration of Calliope.
Thanks To Simon Cheeky, he helped me a lot to be able to get some of those shots.

I hope you like it, dont forget to like share and subscribe for more.



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