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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 8 months ago
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3.12 Mining Lasers & Consumables Guide

Hi! I’m Space Tomato.

I make Star Citizen content of various styles but have mostly stuck to videos and graphics. But this year I’m hoping to expand a bit more in ways that will entertain and help the community at every level. This is the first of those ways. I’d like to host infographics for beginners and vets alike to keep handy to help them complete tasks in the game and learn more. The first here will be mining. And while many of these aspects will change semi-regularly for years to come, I’m hoping to keep them relatively up to date. Despite that, there may be some discrepancies moving forward at times, which is why the proper update will always be listed.

This guide is meant to coincide with my recent video tutorial on mining lasers and consumables which you can find here

You can always join our community where these will be posted first, and kept in one place, if you’d like.

Feedback is appreciated, I hope you enjoy!


Size 1 lasers, for the prospector

Size 2 lasers, for the MOLE

Mining Consumables



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