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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 weeks ago
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Star Citizen | Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer in (2021)

It’s been a long time since I tried epic cinematic movie like this. But I think I succeeded quite well! This is a short film, trailer and epic cinematic movie in Star Citizen.
In Star Citizen you can really do epic movie and get cool things!
When you watch this video, you get quite epic motivated to play more! Was pretty fun to record this and try to make a movie in Star Citizen.
Making Epic Cinematic movie in Star Citizen is pretty fun! Gonna do more like this in 2021! Gets pretty neat. So will probably do more of this! So you want to see more of this Leave a comment!

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Song: Ivan Shpilevsky – The Time (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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Video Link:​
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