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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 1 week ago
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The Shot -- A Star Citizen Live Action Short

Fan created short for the Stella Fortuna Tempt Fate Video Contest.

There has been a betrayal within the Solarmute, a secret enclave of warriors protecting one of the last AI in human control. This betrayal will be resolved with a single shot.

Star Citizen Community = Best Community. o7

This was shot in an afternoon and editing on nights and weekends for two weeks. Production budget was $0.00 as I used existing assets and tools. We shot on a Canon 5D markiii using MLV Raw from Magic Lantern and an iPhone XSMax for the slo motion. Edited in Premiere, compositing in After Effects.

The armors are the Micriod Armor I made for Citizencon 2018 and the Inquisitor Armor from Citizencon 2019.

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