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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 1 month ago
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Joint Training Exercise - Operation ANIMUS VIRAGE II Teaser (Multi-Org Event 01 May 2951)

Joint Training Exercise Center presents: Operation ANIMUS VIRAGE 2

1900Z 01 May 2951

ArcCorp Area 04 has become a hotbed of illicit activity to the point where entire blocks are effectively under the control of organized criminal gangs. As such, ArcCorp Security is planning a large scale, building by building raid to arrest key leaders in these syndicates.

Security forces are requesting the aid of private military contractors to secure the rooftops of buildings in Area 04 prior to the operation to prevent fugitive escape and protect law enforcement assets as they land.

Enemy Forces: Expected dozen or so hostiles on rooftops. Possible anti-aircraft emplacements or Man portable air defenses. Hostile force is not expected to have significant air assets.

Friendly Forces: ArcCorp security will be providing air cover. Air superiority is assumed. At least two dozen assaulters to clear and secure rooftops are requested. All follow-on interior assaults will be conducted by law enforcement officers.

Clear hostile elements from ArcCorp Area 04 landing pads. Prevent escape of key criminal leaders. Other activities as assigned. Air to ground fires are not authorized. Significant civilian presence in the Area of Operations. Positive Target identification is required before engaging



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