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Imperial Geographic 4K Spotlight - Euterpe

Euterpe – The Waning Moon

Blest by Apollo and th’admiring Nine,
On Helicon see tuneful KLEINER shine.
Euterpe close his piping lay attends,
And with his notes her own in concord blends.

Fleet Pegasus th’enchanting music hears,
And beats his pinions, and pricks up his ears;
Whilst the skill’d Erator, with sacred lyre,
Joins in the strain, and feels the noble fire.

Melpomene forgets her dark alarms,
And Polyhymnia lays aside her psalms:

The fair Thalia smiles with brighter grace,
And gay Terpsichore suspends her pace:
Calliope and Clio rest their quills,
as wise Urania at the chorus thrills.

The mighty Phoebus trembles on his throne,
for KLEINER’s chords are sweeter than his own!
—HP Lovecraft

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