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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 1 year ago
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Star Citizen - Main Theme (Remixed by Nu Soul: Fist2Face and PopsInSpace)

This video is a tribute to Pedro Macedo Camacho, because we appreciate all your hard work on creating the Star Citizen – Main Theme and other music for this game. We also want to thank all of the audio staff, engineers, post-production etc. who have worked on making the original song. Me and my father PopsInSpace debuted this video on Saturday for Bar Citizen and on Sol Citizen’s Sunday show on twitch ( We hope everyone who watches enjoys this and hopefully we will have many more videos and music to come.

Music credit to CIG and remix done by Fist2Face and PopsInSpace (Nu Soul).

P.S. We don’t want to leave out the video team as well, and everyone who put their hard work into making this game a GREAT GAME!!!



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