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Submitted 1 week ago
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GALACTIC GEOGRAPHIC - Hurston Dynamics Advertisement

Welcome Star Citizens !
For its first entry on the Spectrum – GALACTIC GEOGRAPHIC broadcast an advertisement from Hurston Dynamics.

The company has greatly help the channel to secure its funding for the launch on Spectrum. In return, GALACTIC GEOGRAPHIC guaranteed that the first video will be its advertisement. We honor our contract.

GALACTIC GEOGRAPHIC promess its viewer that it will be, from now on, independant as the channel has enough credits to fullfill its objectives on its own.

Directed by : ScratchyS
Voice Acting : ScratchyS & ScratchyS’s girlfriend
Music & Audio by : CrimsonFreak
Thumbnail : Garoseau

Do not hesitate to spread the word that GALACTIC GEOGRAPHIC is now fully operational and new videos will come !



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