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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
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The Cultivator / Lorville Days

Probably the cleanest air in all of Lorville, and likely illegal in this jurisdiction.

Based loosely off of the concept art for the Lorville habs, this interior render was quite the learning experience.

First up, the highlights: Most of the room structure is based on the existing Loreville habs. Bed was moved up against the window, because every cyberpunk apartment needs a bed next to a window for context. Layout was also frequently checked using the new VR session tool in Blender, which helped give me a better sense of space and layout.

Now for the challenge: Originally this render was to take 28 hours (yes, hours) to render a fairly high-detailed image. That’s after a considerable amount of render performance tweaking. Unfortunately, at approximately 27.5 hours, Windows thought it’d be a good time to install updates and reboot the system despite me setting it specifically not to. Plan B is this lower-sampled version (at a little over an hour) with an AI noise filter for a more painterly-looking result, which I actually really like for some reason despite losing a lot of the smaller cool details. Maybe when I can snag a free machine for a day again I’ll try the high-sample count again.



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