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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
Comments / 0 Welcome to my world!

I’d like to give you a short Impression of my page. One that is only made possible by this community! Feel free to join the community!


Motherbird is hungry!

The interior of the Hercules are amazing!

Titan coming in for landing during Invictus

Pisces Re-entry

Connie Shenanigans

600i being gorgeous

Carrack = Home

Carrak = home 2.0

Loving the aestethics of the MOLE

*insert epic motivational speech*

I really wish I could move here sometimes

Definately my fave ship!

MSR or the Carrack...tough choice tho

Once you get this beast up in the air it is great fun to fly it

Invictus meet up! Screenshot before the fleet light me up (totally deserved that to be honest)

Herc formation with the community

Another gorgeous MOLE moment

Hammerhead shenanigans during Invictus

Another Screenshot just before my trigger finger got...triggered

Testing out Mantis's QED

The beautiful thing about content creation is its proces. We had an awesome idea and instead we did everything except said idea. And no, it didn,t fit. And yes, we all blew up before the session ended. As all sessions do with the community! DISCLAIMER : Our members arent expected to survive a full session.

600i over Tatooi.....Aberdeen

Some nice infil at dawn? grlorious

600i coming in for landing at Lorville

Another Hammerhead during Invictus!

Hunting party!



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