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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
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Anvil CX8 Pisces - Cutaway Interior View

A nice slice of Pisces.

A small team (headed up by one very talented and presistant programmer) has been working on a way to read in the entire ship structure, including interiors and the various set props that get populated. While it’s nowhere near ready for release, the first iteration of the tool did a great job of assembling this Pisces. So much so I spent most of today rendering this instead of testing the code. I can’t give more details yet, but stay tuned :)

I think we should do more of these cutaway renders. Perhaps something a bit bigger next time…

Shoutout to my friend with the 3090, without with my machine would still be rendering this. Extra shoutout to the artists at CIG. Theses ship look beautiful, inside and out.

Rendered in Blender.



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