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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
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3.13 & Invictus Postmortem in 3min 44sec

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Star Citizen aims to span multiple video game types by combining space trading, space combat and shooter elements, in a first person massively multiplayer online game. In October of 2012, Chris Roberts, the creator of the wing commander series, launched a Kickstarter Campaign whose goal was to create the seamless persistent universe and the narrative player experience squadron 42. The project continues to break Guinness Records through incredible community support. Despite the technical hurdles, CIG demonstrates tangible results and continues to prove to its backers that the impossible is becoming possible. The scope and scale of the game increased as more funding was pledged, which became known as feature creep. Most accept that delays, although frustrating, do result in obvious progress. The player backers are given early access to the current live version of the game code, to test and offer feedback. The player experience changes from enjoyable to frustrating and back again, sometimes day by day. Star Citizen can be enjoyed, and take a break when it suits you. Numerous content creators cover the ongoing situation to keep you informed and up to day. As an early backer and tester, you need to be ready for its quirks but you can also witness the game evolve.

I am a FAN of the game and not affiliated with CIG. My opinions are my own. Contact me for business opportunities, corrections or retractions. Operated by Noobifier Media INC. CDN-120508161

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