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Submitted 1 year ago
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Star Citizen Roadmap "Advanced" Release View Update (2021-08-25)

Hello everyone! :D

My name is Odysseus and each week since the beginning of 2018, I’m condensing and sharing the updates of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Roadmaps with a design that allows everyone to see weekly changes at a glance!

Here are some explanations about this version:

- This new version will NOT replace the one I’ve been publishing for more than 2 years. It will be a complement for those who wish to have more information about the deliverables that are presented in the Roadmap Release View. According to the next updates / changes made on the official roadmap, this "Advanced" View may be released a few days later compared to the "classic" infographics.

- The information displayed under each deliverable in this "Advanced" Release View is taken from the Progress Tracker. I was able to pick them thanks to the similarities in the names and/or descriptions of the deliverables in the two Roadmap Views.

- I strongly recommend, before anything else, that you read the Caption section in the last column on the right, so that you understand the meaning of what is displayed. As it says there, only 29 of the 50 studio teams are shown in the official Progress Tracker, so the number of teams and developers working on the deliverables displayed here is likely to be incomplete.

Until then, see you in the ‘verse!


Star Citizen Roadmap "Advanced" Release View Update (2021-08-25)

Imgur version:
Also available in PDF:

More info:


Previous roadmap updates:


Star Citizen Roadmap "Advanced" Release View Update (2021-08-25)



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