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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 1 year ago
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We Still Fly Together - Star Citizen

Summer 2950, feeling useless because of the pandemic situation, I had to do something to keep my mind healthy. Playing SC into 3.9 was honestly a disaster at that time and added more and more boredom. I then switched to Sea of Thieves for a while to finally unlock the final song. A pirate song that shocked me. An idea struck my mind like lightning upon hearing it: “We need an SC version of that!”
Not being fluent enough in English, I explained my project to EdTheRed, a good friend of mine, a singer who writes lyrics. He was down and got down to it the next second. So, I started to record music on my side. After a few days, he contacted me with these amazing lyrics. I made a demo with my music and after a few months of challenging work on melody and interpretation, we got this done. A few other friends were down to help play a few instruments too. All this in Covid-19 restrictions, at home each on our side (details on credits and description).
On the down times, I organized filming sessions in the PU. I based the different scenarios on the lyrics. The challenge was to not let on what all this was about to the participants. They were surprisingly down to do many filming sequences spread out in several months.
For the last part of the project, I will not reveal the punch here, but I can tell you that it took many forms in my head due to so many changes in the pandemic situation.
I just want to thank all the people who took part in this project. Thank you for stepping into my craziness! It was so fun! I will be always thankful to all of you.
This is it! I hope you will enjoy this. It was my obsession for more than a year and I think it was worth the sleepless nights. See you in the verse! SAB_Apolion



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