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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 1 year ago
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Cornerstone: Planetary Survey

Dear Citizens!

We have been hard at work putting together Phase 1 of our Planetary Survey and today we are very excited to share it with you:

The newest Cornerstone product now takes its position next to our Universal Item Finder.

Inspired by the Icarus mission which some of our pilots contributed to, we have managed to hopefully offer new and old players alike a collection of useful information that will inspire and enrich your life in the Verse.

Our goal is to offer an explorers view of the Verse as it stands now whilst simultaneously laying the foundations for the inevitable expansion of the Verse. A place where all locations and information can easily be curated and presented to the people that need it.

At the touch of a button you will be able to access the planetary locations view. Information such as surface elevation, temperature, hazards and sometimes lore, is available should you wish to explore it. We also seamlessly integrate with the Universal Item Finder ( to give you a granular view of what’s in the shops.

Accessible via a button in the bottom right corner is a filter and search engine. Want to know where you can pick up a slice of your favourite pizza? Need a security terminal near microTech to fix that crimestat? Forgot which space stations provide a refinery? Need to find refuelling locations around Crusader? Search and you will find!

And finally, the feedback function (accessible via a button in the bottom right corner). Have you discovered a place of interest worth mentioning? Well if you submit it via our feedback function, our Analysis and Expedition Pillars will verify your findings and your discovery might end up on the site, with credit of course.

This is a labor spawned from our love of exploration. Every single piece of information has been verified by us and not mined, so we really hope you enjoy!

See you around the Verse!


Cornerstone: Planetary Survey

Location details - Lorville

Search and filter - Pizza?



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