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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 6 months ago
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Anvil Terrapin Model

Hi guys, I’m a 22 year old industrial design student from Germany. I really like prototype and model building, so in my free time I build models of spaceships or robots etc.
I came across Star Citizen a while ago and I really liked the design language and spaceships so I wanted to build my favorite one, the Anvil Terrapin:)

I startet this project during Quarantine on November 8th 2020. I wanted to do it in 1:16th scale but the ship would have been way to big so I decided on a 1:20th scale for the hull, but kept the interior at 1:16th.

I began by modeling the Terrapin in Fusion360, and bit by bit printed it on my old Ender 3. I realized that adding all the details in CAD would have taken for ever so I decided to model the rough chassis and add the details after printing with styrene and other old plastic parts. Because of this the model is not an exact copy of the ingame ship, and especially the interior is more of my own creation.

The ship model came out 82cm long, 62cm wide and 25cm high and weighs 8,5kg.


- You can control the laser cannon via a joystick in the cockpit and by pressing down, the barrels light up

- The landing gear can be retracted and compresses

- You can open up the door and armor panels

- The Vtol-Thrusters rotate and swing in and out, the maneuvering thruster swivel also

- The top and canopy can be lifted to see the interior

- There is a Bluetooth sound module in the back as well as the Arduino and battery for the leds

So this concludes this almost one year long project. Hope you guys like it and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask I hope I can answer them all :)

See you in space…



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