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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 8 months ago
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Painted Carrack (JRDF Model)

Well I finally got around to sorting my photos out, sadly I’m not a photographer or photo editor, so they are not great pics but hope you enjoy anyway!

I was commissioned to build and paint the JRDF Carrack model (you can find it here ) by a SC backer Lydia-Ernest, they also wanted a few extra Pisces done in rainbow colours as well.

Below you can see some work in progress pictures and final pictures. If you wish to see some of the painting being done you can find vods on my twitch channel ( ) and hopefully i’ll get a time-lapse up on Youtube at some point.

I’ve also painted the Arrow model by JRDF but that was for myself, i’ll look at getting those pictures up next!

Enjoy :)



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