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Submitted 6 months ago
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The People's Radio - Proud Sponsor of the 2952 Daymar Rally - The Hottest Mix, from a Small Rock in

Hello, we are The People’s Radio, an immersive community created and operated radio station set in the Star Citizen Universe and proud sponsor of the 2952 Daymar Rally!

Together with Xul aka Bloodeagle who you may know me from such things as ATMO eSports, the Nova Syndicate Thunderbowl, UncleFunk’s Machinima, or Outpost Radio we and others form the People’s Radio. Since he did a great post announcing our return to the airwaves earlier this year I am going to repurpose that post and update it with the exciting things we’ve developed since then.

Since October other talent has joined our ranks like Fastcart who you may know from The Base Radio and Sol Citizens, The Huntress, DJ from the Daymar Rally and Radio Outer Haven, DarKnight75 from Sol Citizens, Durgan from Conceirge Beats who are resident Live DJs and presenters. We have also had the support from community based musicians like Gutterwash, Quebec Orbital, Boson, and Laika as well as some non-community artists who are thrilled we are playing their music and who are just now discovering Star Citizen through us and there are more to come!

And that’s just on the music side, TPR has always had a in-house produced weekly news show which now plays on the hour and now we have syndicated Oliver Zark who you may know from Stanton Today fame. He has finally escaped the clutches of Hurston Dynamics and launched his own independent NewsOrg, HubNet. We feature his broadcast HubWire Galactic 5 times daily.

Paul from the AstroPub and James Johnson aka COGSoldier1711 both support our program TimeProbe, an in-lore look back through UEE history basically allowing us to use their role played lore content as an in-the-’verse history show.

We also feature some great in-lore commercials from around the community as well as produced by us in-house.

In the coming days/weeks/months we hope to continue adding more people that make up some of Star Citizen’s premiere Community Created Content.

If you are a musician, DJ or other content creator who thinks your immersive in-lore audio content is right for us get in touch with us on our Discord:

About TPR:

While not a fully sanctioned UEE station, The People’s Radio is tolerated by the UEE who allow it to continue functioning to fill a need. Classic radio like it was on the old high frontier.

The People’s Radio is a grey area, legal within Nyx as The People’s Alliance control that space but within the UEE it’s kind of a grey area. It’s more legit than the b00tyCall show which pops up but is not a fully sanctioned station. It’s similar to how some FM Pirate stations operating in London IRL became legal stations. Due to its popularity in providing alternative music and views across the Empire via compromised Aceido CommRelays (usually done by sympathetic Aceido employees who wanted to hear something different), it’s maintained a reach. We hear it’s quite popular in the Rhetor and Charon systems. Due to the UEE using non-action against this station as a way of showing they are more free and open than under the Messers as well as using it to monitor what’s being said outside the empire in places like Nyx and Pyro its operations have been stable.

About the Music:

While TPR cannot guarantee that all of the music being featured on the station is copyright-free, we ARE quite proud to have never received a DMCA notice in 5 years of operations. Though there is a large amount of copyright-free music on the station it isn’t all copyright-free. We pay monthly to an intermediary which handles music licensing for the stuff which isn’t copyright-free. We also have permission from certain artists and labels due to personal connections and we have never received a copyright strike on Twitch.

About Our Shows:

In addition to our daily rotation we have curated genre specific (but space themed) shows throughout the week which you can see on our schedule at – More on them here:



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