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Submitted 4 months ago
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Aaron Halo - Detailed Shape and Density Survey

The details of the Stanton system’s Aaron Halo asteroid belt have been a mystery for a long time, but during the last couple of years more information about its features have steadily been revealed by several explorers who have pushed beyond to learn and bring back new data about it.

My goal for this survey expedition was to comprehensively determine the characteristics of the asteroid belt from a general scientific perspective – including to verify if the asteroid belt structure is the same across different game servers, determine if its density differs around the cirumference of the star, and most importantly to measure and gather details on its size, shape and density.

The main outcome of the survey can be summarized in this chart, which exhibit the precise width and asteroid density of the 10 bands.

Check the article to learn about the expedition details and findings.


Aaron Halo Density Chart



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