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Submitted 5 months ago
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Brandr's Privateers | Soldier Profile: VON POE VII - Combat Medic (CLS) [Star Citizen]

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always had my hands on some sort of gaming equipment (my first being the Super Nintendo). And while I’d rather not bore you with that long winded story, I will say, that my professional career in video editing, lead me to investing in a quality PC. You could say, that one of the perks of being an editor and director, is that your computer will most likely always be able able to run quality games on its systems. Add to that, a genuine interest in quality gaming, and you have this post I’m making right now lol.


I was told about a game called, Star Citizen, about six to eight months ago. Not sure how the information was brought to my attention, but at some point, I was on YouTube growing extremely fascinated with the game’s engine, as well as the goals and standards in which @robertsspaceind was attempting to set for they game. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical. Because in essence, this game has the potential of literally being the "Metaverse" all these other companies have been so obsessed with. Even more interesting, the game has been in development since 2013. Again, I was skeptical.

NOTE: I was told this game was a scam, but they were so wrong. This is far from that!

I decided to buy it anyway, my first video game purchase in over ten years. Was honestly just collecting bounties, and not caring much at all about the actual economy of the Star Citizen’s PU, until I ran into a group called, Brandr’s Privateers. These guys took me in, and broke down the complexity on this game (it’s economy, different types of currency, career paths, legal and illegal in-game operations, ect.) I mean, the scope of this thing is huge. And me being who I am, I wanted to create a little thank you to the fellas. Not just for showing me a new perspective on the evolution of gaming, but for giving me a reason to add gaming to my resume in general.

So I hope you all enjoy the video, as much as I enjoyed making it. Maybe I’ll make more, who know.

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