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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 months ago
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A Guide to Refueling - Star Citizen Alpha 3.17

Star Citizen FINALLY has a new gameplay loop, and Ship-to-Ship refueling is pretty exciting to see coming online in the ‘Verse. This guide covers all you need to know about both receiving, and giving fuel.

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Star Citizen is an Open Development Alpha Project by Cloud Imperium. The game is currently in full alpha in development, and is meant to be a massive online system spanning many galaxies with thousands of players interacting across the Verse. Cloud Imperium is also working on a singleplayer campaign called Squadron 42 which is also currently in development. Star Citizen is currently fully playable but is still in very early Alpha. Star Citizen is currently in patch Alpha 3.16.1

I am an independent content creator and am not affiliated in any way with Cloud Imperium. Music used is from Star Citizen and associated Mini-Games as licensed via the Cloud Imperium Games Fandom FAQ |

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