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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
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Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game Pirates | Raffle Launch Trailer

Yaaarg matey, ready up for boarding!

Enjoy the new Star Citizen SQUADRONS factions trailer

and celebrate the launch of the Buccaneers, the first concept pirate squadron in the Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game, with a raffle!

Let’s show ClG that the community stands by their own Star Citizen card game!

Get to know SQUADRONS and win more prizes by entering the Star Citizen SQUADRONS community raffle at

Star Citizen SQUADRONS is an immersive strategy card game which lets you command and customize your own squadron with your favorite ships from the Star Citizen universe and compete with other players.

We’re hard at work behind the scenes to realize SQUADRONS, and you can play the Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game live this year at the Belgian Be@con Star Citizen convention

and at the German Camp Citizen camping festival!

Thank you for your continued support and be ready for more! Show support with your upvote and join the pirate raid!

Yours Thomas



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