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Submitted 2 months ago
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Witnessing an Annular Eclipse in Star Citizen

On June 4th, 2952, the Crane Expedition team from the Curvature Group set out to the end of Hurston’s Umbra zone and witnessed a spectacular annular eclipse. The team of 12 aboard a single Carrack vessel, "Anya," recorded their experiences and their journey.

From the spirit of Operation Icarus in 2021, when a large group of dedicated explorers reached the Stanton star, this eclipse mission was designed to accomplish its objectives in the most immersive ways possible without excessive overhead. The mission demonstrates a genuine sandbox exploration experience in the current environment.

The mission took off from a carefully picked launch point on an ocean island. After missing out on the first geosynchronous decoupling window, the team finally arrived at the destination after ten and a half hours. The team is currently conducting surveys at the Umbra Focal Point of Hurston and will publish all mission details with a full documentary at and on


In the upcoming weeks, Curvature Group, in association with Deep Space Crew and Cornerstone, would like to host public tours of this incredible view.

For private tours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bo-Fone on Spectrum or join for bookings!
For public group tours, contact Deep Space Crew or Cornerstone on their respective platforms:

Deep Space Crew



Core Expedition Crew

Captain – Bo-Fone
Archivist – Delori
Journalist – Lapernum
Medic – DrEntropy
Loadmaster – DelirusRex
Scientist – Curva
Crew – Falcor
Crew – GrakePCH
Crew – SnakyLeVrai
Crew – watbulb



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