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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 months ago
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I created a new banner/background for the Star Citizen subReddit

Get the full 4k 16:9 version here:×2160_MASTER.png

Get the full 4k banner version here:×636-1.png

With the Star Citizen subReddit growing to over 300,000 subscribers/citizens AND since the existing banner/background was getting stale (which I had also created), I was asked to create new artwork for the subReddit background/banner.

With the new Nine Tails event starting, I decided to throw in some Nine Tails action as well.
I ended up taking and combining about 25 in-game screenshots into one composition and adding additional VFX in Photoshop.

For a more, visit my website:


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You are free to download and use any of my screenshots. All that I ask is that if you happen to use one or more in a public project (video, graphic, artwork, tattoo, interpretive dance, skywriting, etc), please credit me in some way and link back to my website:


16:9 version

Banner version



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