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Submitted 3 weeks ago
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Photos while embedded with the Nine Tails

I was allowed the rare opportunity to embed with the Nine Tails as a photographer to get a very close and personal look at the lives of these outlaws.

It must be stated that I do NOT condone or support the behavior or goals of the Nine Tails. I am not promoting nor romanticizing their beliefs. I was simply trying to photograph them as a neutral party from a trusted space on their terms while being true to what they are. There were two demands that I had to agree to before I was allowed a temporary pass into the Nine Tails world. First, the Nine Tails made me agree (prove basically) that I was not a UEE spy and that my work was not being used to build cases against some of it’s members. Second, the UEE would only guarantee my immunity IF I played no part in any illegal activity.

That does not mean I was never in danger.

On a handful of occasions, the group I was with was ambushed or attacked and I found myself in minor skirmishes. Casualties occurred on both sides.

Below are my photos…

The images in this post on the Community Hub have been compressed to fit the upload size restrictions. You can view and download the full images from my website:

These were all captured in-game within Star Citizen Alpha 3.17. ReShade was used in many of the images to adjust levels, add filmgrain, etc live in-game.


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You are free to download and use any of my screenshots. All that I ask is that if you happen to use one or more in a public project (video, graphic, artwork, tattoo, interpretive dance, skywriting, etc), please credit me in some way and link back to my website:



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