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Submitted 2 weeks ago
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Can you solve the toughest puzzles in the verse?

With EVA003 well underway, people are racking their brains over the latest Epic Verse Adventure. EVA004 is coming very soon so we thought it best to share some exciting upcoming prizes for events in the months ahead.

Every main winner of the event receives 1 million aUEC in game and then other prizes for being the first to complete [milestone prizes coming soon too]

Here are some confirmed prizes for upcoming events with more to be announced when confirmed:

EVA004 [August 2022] – Misc Hull-A LTI Game package kindly supplied by CIG
EVA005 [September 2022] – Copy of Moonrakers Board Game supplied by one of the games creators
EVA006 [Bi-Annual Celebration Event] – Arclight Pistol Replica supplied by the amazing MightyH3idi
EVA012 [Annual Celebration Event] – Tobii Eye Tracker supplied by Tobii

The celebration events will require previous events being completed for some of the clues so there no better time than now to get involved and push your grey-matter to the limits. Do them alone or with friends.

All information is here:

Explore – Gather – Win


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