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Submitted 2 weeks ago
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A Pirate's Life for me

As we start the wrap up of Pirate’s Week, I figured that I’d share a few of the shots I managed to take during the few times that the servers we’re absolutely thrashed.

Hope you enjoy!


So anyway, I started blastin'...

The fact that you can watch the rocket leave its sleeve is testament to the detail found in Star Citizen

Don't need toilets when you can just open a side door and drop a nugget or three on some pretentious fool's 300i.

Number 5 ... is angry.

Waiting for clearance to depart

Enroute to 30,000.

Penguin belly!

Such a nice fit.

Special delivery!

On a mission.

*pew pew pew*

Aegis Avenger's lookin' might nice these days.

The one and only Olisar.

Ready and waiting.

Still the same ol' Olisar.

Goodbye, Cotton Candy Planet.

I imagine this as a "thwoop" sound then just afterburners.

If you only catch this shot our of the corner of your eye, it looks like the bottom of an Avenger ... oh ... wait ...

My favorite courier-class ship doing what it does best ... sending packages with utmost haste!

Needs more lens flare.

Something something put a ring on it.

Not sure if from Mass Effect: Andromeda or Star Citizen? I'm not either, though that's likely because my face is tired.

Kinda makes me want to boop-its-snoot.

Anyone else think Avenger gears are more like sickly chicken legs? Still love it, though.

Ships are cool and all, but sometimes it's nice to roll down the window and just cruise through Yela's rings.

Oh lawdy she fine

The Spice must flow!

Sometimes it's nice to stop and smell the roses

You think they'd serve a bifurcated hot dog?



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