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♪ [Fan Music] - From Pupil to Planet - [Unofficial Rescore]

Sup peeps! ;D

Utho here again, on my never ending quest to make fan music!

This time i wanted to try something a tad different and took a shot at scoring music to fit an actual cinematic.
Star Citizen’s "From Pupil To Planet" video was SUPER inspiring to me so i used that as a testbed.


And big props to Pedro Macedo Camacho, cause this stuff turns out to be really hard… :S


I also have the full extended version of this song (Called: The Vastness Of Space) up on my channel if interested.

And here’s the link to my original music thread on the forums:

Righty ho… That’s about all the shameless self advertisement i could comfortably conjure up.


On to the next fun part! Legal! :D So here’s the disclaimer… (Toast, you there?)

I acknowledge that i do not own the video content and that it is intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation & Roberts Space Industries Corp. & Cloud Imperium Games UK Ltd. & Roberts Space Industries International Ltd.

As usual this video will not get monetized, just like all my other content.

If a developer of RSI sees this and is not okay with me having their video on my channel, no worries!
Message me in any way you see fit and i’ll be sure to remove this video within 24 hours without questions asked!
And, obviously, my sincerely apologies.

~Utho Riley



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