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Star Citizen | The Next Great Ship Commercial Comp - Prize LTI Carrack

Havoc X, is proud to announce a new Community Competition:
“The Next Great Ship Commercial”
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We are calling all modders, animators, and artists to produce a professional quality, in­lore Ship

Commercial similar to those created by CIG.

Courtesy of CIG we have a brand new Carrack with LTI sitting int he hangar waiting to be

awarded to the winner!


For those of you that do not mod game, do not worry you still have a role to play, because we will be getting you to pick the contestants that will go through each round and the Winners.

This will be done via a forum poll.

so please share this with everyone so we can get as many involved as possible.

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Come join me and my friends fly and get ready to have fun in the Verse!!!!
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