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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2016-04-17 02:47:47
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It's A Map! - A Galactic Transit Map for Star Citizen

Over the last few months I’ve been racking my brain to find a better way to read the star map. Every time I try to wayfind routes I find myself losing track of focal points which then forces me to retrack back to the point I was keeping track of! WHAT THE TRACK!

Recently I stumbled across a British psychologist Dr Maxwell Roberts who has built upon the ideas of Harry Beck’s famous London Underground map to develop coherent maps that are easier to understand. He developed a "circle and spokes" method of arranging a network to give the reader’s eye a frame of reference to understand the overall structure of the network.
You can see his work here:

For more information on Maxwell’s research, there is a good TEDx video of his ideas at University of Essex:

So after seeing the excellent work that Zhatt and Archilele (/u/tommytrain) had done on their versions of the SC map I decided to tackle the map myself and shape it into something that had a clear focal point.

At first I found it hard to organise the network around a single core. However, after studying Zhatt and Archilele’s maps I began to see two key regions, conveniently around Sol and Terra, that could form two major radii centres to cover the entire network whilst keeping the damn thing coherent enough to read!

Enjoy :)

TL;DR – Check out my sweet circle map, brah!

It’s difficult to update this Hub image to the latest version.

Standard Creative Commons license applies. You may create derivative works yourself, but please attribute my work as I have done for Zhatt and Archilele.

Hopefully I’ve covered everything correctly after about 10 separate reviews, but if you spot a mistake or if CIG changes any information please let me know.


May the cosmic owl watch over you, traveller.



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