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Submitted 2016-06-05 12:36:07
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Star Citizen Guide to VR for the Rift and Vive

The VorpX profile exists on the cloud for you to import. It’s listed as Star Citizen2 (GeraldEvans)


  • This only works with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. On versions before that the VorpX Desktop Viewer will not be an option.
  • I’ve changed my custom resolution to 1080 × 1100. This has the effect of making the chin piece of the helmet more noticeable. YMMV but otherwise I was having to switch to third-person before going through the airlock to ensure I wasn’t about to suffocate.
    • Alternately change your FoV to 85 (default is 65) with the user.cfg and your chin piece will be more noticeable.
    • You will need to use zoom (mouse wheel or rebind) to read displays if you change the FoV

The Guide:

  • Create a 1080 × 1200 resolution in your computer’s advanced display settings or in the Nvidia Control Panel (or AMD Crimson). This is the native per-eye resolution and forces HUD conformity.
    • Right click the desktop
    • Open Nvidia control panel
    • Select ‘Change Resolution’
    • Below the list of available resolutions select Customize
    • On the next window Create Custom Resolution
    • Select 1080 wide and 1200 tall with a refresh to match your display and 32 bit depth
      • Do not put in a refresh rate faster than 90 Hz as this will cause HMD flickering
    • Apply and Confirm (Create the res only. Do not set your Monitor to this res)
    • The results:

  • Set VorpX Control Panel to your HMD and check these boxes:
    • Use Built in Audio Device
    • Enable Head Tracking
    • Enable Head Tracking Roll
    • Show Start Message
    • Enable Expert Settings
    • Run as Administrator
    • Do Not Show Start Page
  • Select Cloud Profiles
  • In the bottom right of the window, register / login to your free account
  • Search and select the Cloud Profile "Star Citizen (GeraldEvans)"
  • Make sure that in the system tray the VorpX Watcher is paused and the Desktop Viewer is not running
  • Run the SC Launcher and Launch Live or PTU (follow the instructions below per build)
  • Once in the SC menu, select graphics "Fullscreen = No" and resolution to 1080 × 1200 (This will force the HUD to conform to your HMD)
  • Resume the VorpX watcher
  • Start the VorpX Desktop viewer
  • Put on your HMD
  • TAB back to Star Citizen

At this point you may be in VR mode. To see menus clearly, press DEL and use arrow keys to set Virtual Cinema Mode to ON

  • Select your destination
  • Once loading, press DEL and turn Virtual Cinema Mode OFF if you had it ON for menu navigation
  • Walk forward immediately upon spawning. Sometimes not doing this can cause head tracking to fail.


  • Jump in a ship
  • Double-Tap LEFT ALT to toggle freelook


  • Unbind Mouse for both Flight Movement and Flight Targetting in the advanced controls keybinding section of SC
    Do Not toggle Freelook (with Z)

HTC Vive

  • If you’ve set your base stations to power down when not in use make certain you wake them up prior to running Vorpx
  • If your HMD doesn’t show anything, disable secondary / tertiary monitors


  • Set your custom resolution to 960 × 1080 to match the native per-eye resolution of the DK2


  • Stream Theater:
  • Intugame VR:

Additional Tweaking:

  • Make a custum USER.CFG file and set your FOV to 120 It removes the super-zoomed in feeling



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