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Submitted 2016-07-05 14:51:03
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USUK Hauling Interactive Starmap

The Logistics and Planning Division of USUK Hauling is pleased to announce the public release of our Interactive Starmap.

Originally developed internally for USUK Hauling’s fleet captains, trading partners, and shipping contractors, the system map proved so useful that we decided to share it with the rest of UEE space and our fellow transporters. Being an independent hauler is difficult – we know, that is where we started. the USUK Hauling Starmap will hopefully help bridge the gap between the multi-system mega-haulers and the small traders out there.

While the ARK Starmap is an outstanding and visually impressive rendition of the known reachable star systems, we felt that a different visual approach would simplify our paramount goal of making quick and intelligent routing and trading decisions.

Link to Starmap:

In a simplified format the starmap shows every currently known star system and the jump tunnels that connect them. A single line between two systems represents a single jump tunnel. Visual clues to the wealth, threat and fuel availability in each star system is provided on the main map display. Clicking on any star system box reveals further information including all jump points, the distances in AU between those jump points and by mousing over the names of the neighboring systems, the distance in light years to the connected systems. Clicking on a jump point’s name in this view will jump the view to that system. Links to the ARK Starmap entry for each system is provided and also, where available, links to Galactic Guide entries.

Small, medium, and large jump tunnels can be filtered from the map view as needed. Although developed for our own trading purposes, we are also providing a toggle to display our trade routes in the map view.

USUK L&P will strive to keep this system map updated as new information is made available.


This is a joint project between Simoniac and Octacube of USUK Racing. We developed the interactive USUK Starmap to help citizens grasp the entirety of the Star Citizen universe and help in planning journeys between the star systems.

The forum post announcing and describing the Starmap is here:

Comments and thoughts welcome! Thanks for looking and upvoting! :D

[MVP – Around The Verse – Episode 100.4]


This is the default view showing all systems and all jump point tunnels. Click on a star system box! Explore!

This is a sample view showing further star system information with jump point details. Also showing our fictional trading routes.



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